Garbage Disposal Repair Cape Coral

Unlike continuous feed disposals, batch feed ones only run when the drain is covered. This means you can really take your time filling the chamber before you start grinding. It also eliminates the chances of grinding anything accidentally. And should anything accidentally fall in, you can easily and safely remove it.

Ultimately, this model provides safety and saves on both water and power. However, it does have its downsides. First of all, it is quite expensive; a direct result of the powerful motor it requires and the noise-suppressing system that it needs to be integrated with. Additionally, it promotes prolonged storage of waste, something that can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria.




Jammed garbage disposal-This can be caused by utensils, bones, or even high fiber foods. Never insert your hand in the disposal when it happens though. Just give us a call and we’ll get everything ironed out.


Excessive noise-This is usually a sign that there are foreign objects in your garbage disposal. Alternatively, it could indicate broken flyweights, loose mounting screws, or worn-out lugs. Whatever the case, we can deal with it.


Leaks-If a leak originates from the body of your disposal, then the whole unit needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it could be an indication of a damaged rubber gasket or a loose sink flange. Either way, we can help you out.



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